February 03, 2022

How to Effectively Use Free Samples to Advertise Your Products

product samples

One of the best ways to market your products is to make use of free product samples. Free samples can help you showcase the quality of your product, while also creating a positive impression with customers. You can also incite the reciprocity of free samples. When people receive something for free and they're likely to think that they ought to make it up to you some way, for example by purchasing your product.

Free samples are not something to be done as a matter of habit. If you give away a bunch of free samples to everyone and anyone, it could cost you lots of money, which will never turn into a return on your investment.

How can you efficiently utilize free samples to advertise your products? Here are some suggestions.

Try to donate something that becomes a part of Their Daily Life

If you are able to give away something that becomes an integral part of their everyday life it will be possible to utilize the free samples you receive to keep your brand prominently in the minds of your customers for weeks and months at an time.

A free coffee maker with your logo might be an example. They'll be making every day coffee if they are a coffee drinker. If they do, they'll see your company's branding and remember you.

Are You giving to the right people?

When you give away free samples, it's especially crucial that you reach those who are relevant. Why? Because samples cost money. When you give free stuff to those you trust this money could earn an incredible ROI. However, if you give it away to anyone or anyone, you could end up having to pay back your investment.

Start by offering free samples for future products to people who've purchased your earlier products. Next, give away products to people who have expressed interest in your product. These could include people who are on your mailing list or at an event. Then, give samples away to potential buyers in your demographic - But carefully select them if they haven't expressed interest in your company.

Give Away Something of High Perceived Value

Perceived value refers to the amount that the recipient believes a present is worth. It doesn't have to be related to the actual value of a present.


Offering colored lenses during fashion shows is an instance. Contact lenses are typically associated with expensive optometrists. Colored contacts can trigger these emotions and make people think you're giving away something expensive. The lenses that are colored could only be only a couple of dollars.

For a surprise present, use freebies

Another way to utilize freebies is as a surprise gift. It is a good method of strengthening relationships.

Let's consider, for instance the case of a subscription-based company. You observe that the majority of customers seem to cancel after three months. Try sending every new customer an unrestricted gift 2.5 months into their subscription. This surprise gift will prolong the average length of your subscriber by 2 months, which can significantly increase the value of your business.

It will help you make an impression at events.

It's a great opportunity for your business to be noticed at events. Free samples can be utilized in seminars or trade shows like.

It is crucial to publish something that grabs the attention of people. It must be something that entices people to talk about it. Don't just offer a pen or coffee mug - You should give away something that really "wow"s people. Your present should be a conversation point at events.

Use it to Eliminate Doubt

A lot of times, a free sample is given to customers for the sole purpose of eliminating doubt. For instance, you could offer a product for skin which claims to make someone's skin tighter and healthier. If they don't believe you and want to know more, they can request an unrestricted sample to dispel their doubts.

Use it for Lead Generation

You can also use free samples for lead generation. Give away the free product samples, but make sure they give you their email address, address and telephone number in exchange. This will allow you to follow up with them and conclude the sale at a later time.

Free samples can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. Make sure to use it properly so you get an excellent return on your investment.

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